Central Australian Aboriginal Alcohol Programmes Unit


The Central Australian Aboriginal Alcohol Programs Unit, or CAAAPU as everyone knows us, is an Aboriginal-controlled primary provider of culturally appropriate alcohol counselling and residential treatment services in Alice Springs.


CAAAPU was formed in 1991 to provide a place of health, hope and healing for Aboriginal people suffering the effects of alcohol and substance abuse.


CAAAPU provides a safe place for people who may be destitute, living in violent and extremely stressful environments and with long histories of substance abuse at levels that can affect their cognitive development and abilities.


We operate our programs from a 5 hectare property on the rural outskirts of Alice Springs. The facility is landscaped with native and bush tucker plants providing a peaceful place for clients to heal. Culturally appropriate spaces such as bough shelters and sandpits provide outdoor space for group therapies.


We have been providing residential treatment services for many years, taking clients referred through Correctional Services, health facilities, the justice system and self referrals. Our approach is to give Aboriginal people the opportunity to go through alcohol rehabilitation and not end up incarcerated in jail.


We give Aboriginal people the tools to recover from grog abuse, to become stronger, healthier and able to make informed decisions about how they live their lives.


CAAAPU’s approach is unique but it is proven to work. We are proud that we do a better job of looking after our own mob than other services that may be better resourced in terms of capital, but not in terms of cultural competency or caring.