CAAAPU’s strength lies in being an Aboriginal-controlled organisation that provides culturally relevant and legitimate programs.

CAAAPU staff see their own behaviour as crucial in contributing to effective therapy. CAAAPU staff are strong role models that can provide a powerful and consistent message to clients that alcohol and other drug misuse is not necessary or normal and is inconsistent with Aboriginal cultural values.

CAAAPU aims to employ a high number of Aboriginal staff as this enhances therapeutic effectiveness, helps make clients feel culturally safe, and ensures that therapy and programs are delivered in a genuinely culturally appropriate way, increasing the likelihood of clients continuing with the program for a successful outcome.

Eric Sultan has provided Guidance and Support to Male Residential Rehabilitation since 2012.



Permission to be included in CAAAPU Website photograph provided by Eric Sultan to Pauline Reynolds on 25 June 2016.

CAAAPU Staff Graduate

CAAAPU would like to congratulate the staff members Sue-Anne Brown, Malodali Vusoniceva, William Tupou and David Galvin, who have completed their Diploma in Community Services – Alcohol & Drugs and Mental Health.


On Wednesday the 14th of September 2016, CAAAPU staff attended their graduation ceremony at the Alice Springs Desert Park.


Congratulations to you all.

Pauline Reynolds CEO