Treatment Programs

Male Residential Rehabilitation

CAAAPU provides voluntary residential treatment programs for Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal men.

Our Men’s Residential Treatment facility offers an 8 week residential rehabilitation program providing individual and group counselling, support and education in a healthy, safe and caring environment. Provision is available for clients who wish may stay longer. The programs and services delivered by CAAAPU through the residential treatment facility have the capacity to reduce violence in Aboriginal communities by impacting on harmful alcohol consumptions.

The Men’s Residential Treatment section offers 20 beds.

The Men’s Residential Rehabilitation Facility at CAAAPU delivers a treatment program incorporating:

  • Group and individual counselling, cognitive therapy, narrative therapy. The use of motivational interviewing is incorporated in all deliveries.
  • Individual client case management
  • Counselling provided by AOD qualified CAAAPU staff and external professional staff – supported by a robust clinical governance model.
  • holistic family participation (where desired by the client)
  • Work ready programs including day release to employment and accredited training in Alice Springs.


Female Residential Rehabilitation


CAAAPU is currently not funded to provide Residential Rehabilitation to Women.


 Alcohol Mandatory Treatment program


CAAAPU was successful in tendering to provide Alcohol Mandatory Treatment services to the Northern Territory Government under the Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Act and has been delivering these programs since the Act came into effect in July 2013. Funding for the AMT services is provided through the Northern Territory Government.

CAAAPU current provide Residential Treatment services up to 20 AMT clients.

AMT clients undertake programs similar to those accessed by residential clients.


Outreach and Day care

CAAAPU operates an Outreach service providing support to clients and their families’ resident in the community of Alice Springs.

Clients are invited to attend CAAAPU facility and participate in treatment programs Monday to Friday between 08.30 and 16.30.

CAAAPU Outreach team provide cultural activities and outings both in and around Alice Springs.